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"Girls Marching On" remake
« on: January 30, 2014, 10:46:42 PM »
Sana i-remake ng ABS-CBN yung dating Chinovela nila na Girls Marching On. Una siyang pinalabas dati sa ABS tuwing Sundays after ASAP pero nilipat ng Sunday ng umaga.

PLOT: Based on the life of a 40-year old mother Chai Meiluo (Liu Xue Hua), this drama by CTS Taiwan portrays very well the pains of Chai in bringing up her three daughters: Zhu Yinyin (Xiao Shu Shen), Zhu Fenfen (Chuandao Mo Shu Tai) and Zhu Nennen (Wang Tong). Constantly assisted by Lao Lu (Sun Xing), a shopkeeper and her neighbourly friend, she struggles to live a new life after her husband, Zhu Yongkang’s death. Her partner in business Lin Meizhen, whom everybody calls Zhenzi, shatters Yinyin’s life. Lin unsuccessfully attempts to make a comeback into Yinyin’s fiancé, Xiaodong’s, life. Yinyin and Xiaodong (Wang Yao Qing) break up and Yinyin then accepts Xiaodong’s best friend Huozi (Liu Zhi Han), who is an electrical technician and a part-time waiter at a pub. Huozi and Xiaodong’s best friend Shuiyang (Li Li-Ren), a playboy, is attracted to Yinyin’s sister Fenfen and poses as a gentleman "Chen Jingyi" to win her heart. However, to help Xiaodong (before he and Yinyin broke up), he had to play second fiddle and keep Zhenzi away from Xiaodong. The scheme fails and this resulted in the break-up. He loses his address book and Fenfen realizes from the book that she is one of the '100 girls' that he had met and tricked. In revenge, she gets him into a fix between his numerous girl friends!

Honest Lao Lu often helps Meiluo in times of distress, especially when late Yongkang’s mom (Su Zhu) drops by for a visit. The situation becomes worse when Meiluo’s mother moves to live with them. The two mothers are constantly at loggerheads. Song’s dad falls in love with Meiluo’s mother who keeps herself young. Meiluo’s youngest daughter aged eighteen, Zhu Nennen (Wang Tong), is misunderstood to be pregnant—-it is her best friend who is pregnant, not her. She runs away from home and resides with her neighbours, Xiuzhu (Wang Qi) and Lao Song (Ming Jin Cheng). Song’s dad thought Xiuzhu is pregnant. He makes friends with Lao Lu and both get into a misunderstanding about Xiuzhu being with child. It’s very funny. Meiluo tells him of her suspicions. Later, the misunderstandings are cleared. Song’s dad found out from a doctor that his son couldn’t have children.

Lao Lu recalls how he lost his son after his wife’s death. This is where he and Meiluo are similar—-one is a widow and another is a widower. Although he likes Meiluo, he still misses his late wife and looks at old photographs. Unfortunately, he had an accident. After the accident, Yinyin comes over to visit him and notices the photos. She discovers that he’s Huozi’s father. Father and son are reunited. They then live together.

The appearance of a man who resembles Yongkang (Long Shao Hua) exactly worsened the hope of Lu and Meiluo being together. Plus, his son and Meiluo’s daughter are together. The biggest draw is, will Meiluo ever forget her dead husband and be with Lu, for all he has done for her?