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You've got to be kidding. Is this the Gonzaga's publicist or manager? People are sick of these two. They might as well change ABS-CBN to the Gonzaga network. I've been censored and had my account deleted for critisizing these two knuckle-heads so obviosly something unjust is going on with this network. I live in the US and I used to be happy to pay to watch quality programming. Ever since these talentless hacks invaded, they have stuck their fat heads into every show possible and are taking opportunities away from other actors who people would actually enjoy watching. Do not be brainwashed into thinking that these Gonzagas are so great that they need to be on every show on the network.

Again, this is an opinion. Not everyone will agree but it doen't mean that we can't have a conversation about it. Taking away freedom of speech is something filipinos have proudly fought against (ie Marcos)

TFC: General Discussions / Gonzaga and sister are too much
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:29:18 PM »
Phoney Gonzaga is trying to rule ABS-CBN and it is tasteless. Her sister is an unfunny troll.

Whoever deletes accounts. This is freedom of speech. Let people express themselves and be willing to accept that not everyone can be happy when network execs are being swayed by overly powerful individuals who should not be running and ruining the network you work for. They are ruining shows that I used to enjoy with inappropriateness and rude behavior that is really obnoxious.

I would hope that this network would listen to honest criticism and give other actors and actresses who are talented and need to make a living a chance.

It is an opinion. Allow people to express themselves if you want this to be an honest forum.

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