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« on: November 01, 2014, 11:32:33 AM »
It's 2014 now, and LUV U Too's been running for more than a year. And I can still say that among other casts, Sharlene San Pedro is still the one who's stealing the spot-light. I even start to wonder weather she's the heroine or not, because for me, Shirley Bernardo is the heroine that you should look up to.

One, she has her flaws, making her extremely relatable or in other words she's not an annoying Mary-Sue who's so perfect that it's sickening. She ACTUALLY has a strong personality that Lexie Dominguez was described to have. She doesn't depend on Drake that much, nor does she let Drake to depend on her too. They treat each-other equally. Two, she's conservative (even in real life) so she's not awkward to watch whenever there are DrakeLey moments. Three, she's feisty and high-spirited, I mean, since when did you see a GIRL character in the Philippine's pool of seryes who can actually land a punch without having super-powers? That's Shirley Bernardo for you! And lastly, she has this unique charm in her that you just can't help but getting drawn into. Oh well, that's enough about Shirley. Now, about Sharlene San Pedro.

This girl has proven herself to be a great actress many times before, and I think that she deserves a big break. I would much prefer if she would have a SOLO movie or teleserye, but given the circumstances, with her partner (Jairus Aquino) I've been seeing some 'certain' posts and I'm actually starting to get ticked off by some of them. They are underestimating Sharlene and her former love-team, JaiLene. They turn a blind eye on her achievements and shower his/her favored 'certain' love team with praises and compliments. They purposely 'ignore' her. And I don't think that's fair. I wish that she would be given a big break soon. I'll be waiting.

LUV U / Re: LUV U... Too (OT)
« on: November 01, 2014, 11:19:17 AM »
ang problema kasi sa mga tao dito masyado nyong inuuplift si Sharlene, bakit dahil wala lang bang project si Sharlene kelangan nyo na siraan si Alexa? Gaano katotoo ung mga pinagsasabi nyo? Puro lng ba "sources" at sabi ni ganito sabi ni ganyan? Magisip din kasi kau, wag lang kaung nakikinig sa sabi sabi ng iba, wala din kaung ebidensya para husgahan si Alexa ng ganun ganun lang din, tulad netong nasa picture na nilagay ko, si Sharlene umaattend sa brainstorming ng mga direktor at staffs, bawal un actually e, kung un iba nga bawal at sila Miles at Igiboy lang ang pwede dahil close sila sa mga Mortiz, tignan nyo naman halata naman na kung sino ang kadikit madalas ng mga Mortiz di ba si Miles?  O dahil kaibigan ni Miles si Sharlene ayan nasama din sa brainstorming, bawal un kasi parang sumisipsip ka naren sa mga director at staff, diskusyon un ng plot sa Luv U e, syempre sisipsip para mapansin, sino ngaun ang sipsip? Sino ngaun ang kumakapet sa staffs? Open your eyes guys, wag din kaung makikinig sa isang side lang, alamin nyo kasi yung buong kwento, ndi nyo nmn din alam na nagstart si Alexa sa commercial at ndi dahil ginamet nya ang connections nya, yan ang problema sa inyo pag nakakita lang ng article paniniwalaaan nyo na, may isa akong kaibigan na nagset visit sa Luv U at sinabi nya na naiilang daw si Sharlene magpapicture samantalang si Alexa ang baet daw, to think na NashLene fan un a tapos ginanun lang ni Sharlene, hindi nyo kasi alam yung totoong ugali puro lang kayo haka haka at sabi sabi, yung storya nyo tungkol kay Alexa ipush nyo yan pwede na kayo sumali sa mga staffs at magsulat ng magandang storya, nako kung ako sa inyo ayus ayusin nyo ang pagkwento, pwede kayong kasuhan ng cyber bulling at pagsira ng reputasyon ng iba, kaya magingat kayo sa bawat pananalita nyo a, forum pa man din to ng ABS CBN (take note NashLene fan din ako pero after ko maexperience na sungitan ni Sharlene na magpapic sa ABS din dati nawalan na ako mg gana sa kanya sayang lang siya)

Your comment has a lot of HATE going on in there. The caption said "May bisita sa brainstorming." It means, bumisita lang si Shar, so what the hell are you talking about? She just visited the set because she was with Miles. And if it's not allowed, then why didn't they drive Sharlene away? Why didn't they tell her to leave? I suggest that you better get your facts straight before getting all butt-hurt just because you think that your idol is getting a lot of hate. You're actually quite the hypocrite, spouting nonsense here and there and getting angry when no-one agrees with you. Childish, don't you think? This is a FORUM. We're free to discuss whatever the hell we would like to talk about concerning LUV U and it's casts. If you want to uplift Alexa that much, I suggest that you call on your other co-fans and gush about her non-stop. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, you don't have to shove yours down our throats. And I'll throw that question right back at you...do YOU know Sharlene San Pedro personally? Do YOU know her enough to be able to call her 'sip-sip'? Like I said, get your facts straight.

LUV U / Re: LUV U... Too (OT)
« on: October 05, 2014, 04:04:32 PM »
 :-\ Nagiging evident na ang naga-ganap na scene hogging. Sana naman mai-distribute ng maayos yung scenes. Hindi yung puro sa BenjXie lang fino-focus. Hello, every character needs their own build up. Alam niyo, hindi niyo sana po-problemahin to kung maayos ang sistema eh. At kung hindi solid ang fan base ng mga artista niyo. After watching the episode today, I thought, "Youth oriented show pa ba 'to?" That was a daring move LUV U, and I commend you for that. Pero maraming negative feedbacks. I usually won't care kahit i-bash pa kayo ng i-bash eh, kaso nada-damay ang JaiLene, maski ibang casts na hindi naman involved sa scene na 'yun. Seriously, nakaka-disappoint.

Looks like si Marco Gumabao ang partner ni Jane dito. I hope he is. Mukhang bagay din naman sila eh :) So happy for Jane for this project~!  ;) ;) ;)

Nathaniel / Re: Nathaniel (OT)
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:33:43 PM »
Super excited for this Teleserye. Especially since andyan sila Sharlene at Jairus.  ;D ;D ;D

Nathaniel / Sharlene San Pedro and Jairus Aquino to star in 'Nathaniel'
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:24:28 PM »
The moment that I've learnt of this news, I was extremely happy. JaiLene deserves this project, and I know that many people can justify that. Not only can they do comedy but they can also turn the most comedic moments into something that tugs at your heart. As a fan, I have a lot of expectations. And one of the things that I can expect from them is that they are going to do something that will blow our minds and heighten our expectations from them.  ;D

I hope to see them successful one day and hopefully, this Teleserye will help them to achieve that. Because Sharlene and Jairus really DESERVES it. This Teleserye will help them improve both as a love team and as individuals. Sila ang nagpa-tikim ng bagong atake in the world of teen ager romance, ang tinaguriang 'Astig' na love team. And I love them for that, they don't have to do much of those typical mushy gestures that most of the love teams in this generation does, just a single eye to eye contact and then sparks fly.  8)

They have on and off screen chemistry and I can't wait to finally get to watch them every day on a Teleserye that they star in. To my fellow JaiLene Minions, lets support JaiLene. Let's all look forward into witnessing how great they will become in the coming future.

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