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Author Topic: Areeyah of Purity and Virtues  (Read 1316 times)


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Areeyah of Purity and Virtues
« on: November 27, 2012, 02:01:42 PM »
what gives? when adversity strikes both Jao and Areeyah "never gave up" on each other,even though distance and circumstances have tried to separate them. when a GIRL who has SO MUCH WISDOM and HEART such as mikay/areeyah loves it will be hard not to KNOW where her heart leads towards someone who makes her smile, laugh, assures, comforts, loves patiently - not someone who  use "force" "emotional blackmail" gets angry, eyes that speaks selfishness -- it will be dysfunctional and inconsistent for a character so FULL of GOOD moral values and wisdom to HEAD south :) IT IS VERY hard to love someone who loves themselves first IF YOU are a person WHO GIVES SO MUCH of yourself it will be like suicide a death of a loving SOUL...

ABS CBN P&I please GIVE Mikay/Areeyah the fortitude to keep going and move forward - even unclear/uncertain WE your viewers and I speak for the MASA who doesn't have the means to tweet or social network or text FOR MIKAY/AREEYAH's character TO BE a TRUE GOOD leader all throughout the Princess and I story WITH full heart AND wholehearted WISDOM to FIGHT FOR her LOVE to Jao and strive to UNITE kingdom divided NOT TO BE inconsistent - YOUR REAL VIEWERS deserves a Jao Areeyah/Mikay ending full of GOODNESS and MORAL VALUES that PURE LOVE can bridge divided kingdoms and CAN SURVIVE trials and hardships.  BRING BACK GOOD OLD VALUES!!

YOU ALWAYS EMPHASIZE "KAPAMILYA" stop playing with people's hearts Kathryn deserves to be respected for her talent and so does the writers -- STOP VACILLATING! The other actor already have projects with Kathryn that doesn't MEAN he gets ALL her projects too just because they are a love team -- FOR their fans this is right but what about OTHER viewers - Princess and I viewers who doesn't do social networking NOR have the means/money to text OR people from all over the world who have loved and stayed watching the show for love of story even with busy lives? JUST like Mikay/Areeyah we are confident you will SHOW LIGHT in all of these "controversies" going around (bullying, pandering, irrationality, etc.).  God bless Kapamilya - STAY TRUE to your viewers and you GAIN TRUE and loyal viewers! breed NOT FRUSTRATIONS but SATISFIED and GRATEFUL viewers!!


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Re: Areeyah of Purity and Virtues
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2012, 02:03:08 AM »
I so agree with this!