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Find a complete line of quality, industrial grade, hand portable units Easy Cellar Review that have no plastic parts. Ask if the siphon tubes are metal. Make sure all are supplied with gages and are rechargeable. They must have epoxy finishes that are tested to withstand a minimum 240 hours of salt spray for a long service life. Make sure they are available in ABC, BC, and PK dry chemical. If needed ask for Class D in sodium chloride dry powder. If you have a commercial or institutional kitchen, you will need Wet chemical Class K extinguishers.

CO2 units and clean agent units may also be needed depending upon your hazards and the type of protection needed. Electronics, computers, and switchgear typically need CO2 or another clean agent.Dry chemical wheeled units typically range from 50 lbs. up to 350 lbs. They are available in many combinations that include stored pressure, pressure transfer, and regulated pressure. Semi-pneumatic wheels, steel wheels, and rubber treads on steel wheels are available. Wheeled Halotron I clean agent units are available in 65 and 150 lb. sizes. CO2 Wheeled units are usually available in two sizes, 50 and 100 lb.

I have two books, both available on Amazon, that provide the OSHA information that may be more specific to your needs.Now that fire protection is mandated, there are specific regulations (laws) that must be enforced. Enforcement in the fire protection industry wears many hats. Most in the business think that the local AHJ has the final say on local enforcement. This might be true in most cases, but the ultimate authority is OSHA! When our US federal government passes a law that is as far reaching as OSHA, we all need to be aware of what the actual regulations are. In an industry, a home, or business that must use safety, we should know what engine drives the needs, or in this case, requirements, and what would happen if there was a fire and the requirements were not met.