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Author Topic: What Effects Does Dairy Products Have on Your Weight Loss Program  (Read 39 times)


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The issue of fat is a serious one. The obesity crisis is costing Ultra Omega Burn Review Pdf  the taxpayer millions of dollars/pounds a year (depending on where you live), but it also costs us in terms of lost living. It scares me to see the fast rise in the number of obese teenagers, along with the increase in stomach-stapling operations, and the lack of counseling back-up. We are led to believe that overweight people are lazy or stupid. After all, it's obvious, isn't it? You just do more exercise and eat less food and then you'll no longer be fat. If only it were that simple.

I struggled to overcome my issues with food and weight loss for 27 years. I hid behind fat as I grew up, choosing to miss out on adventures and life's experiences. I watched enviously as my sisters went out each evening looking slim and attractive, brought home boyfriends and told stories of what they'd been up to One day, at the end of my latest starvation diet, as I stood in front of the mirror scrutinizing my newly achieved size-6 body, I became aware of a voice inside my head telling me how fat my thighs were looking. The voice also told me that I was pathetic.

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