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Author Topic: The Easiest Stretch to Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain  (Read 57 times)


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The Easiest Stretch to Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain
« on: December 07, 2018, 02:58:56 PM »
Many of the newer technologies do involve surgery and implants, such Arctic Blast Review as the previously mentioned spinal cord stimulators (SCS) or, in the most severe cases, the deep brain stimulators (DBS). One major reason for the implantation devices is the practical need to reduce resistance to the treated area by moving the device closer to the nerve root. In today's environment that is beginning to look archaic because one of the sole purposes of interferential therapy is to increase the frequency ( times machine goes off and on in a second), so the treating impulses can be delivered to the pain site(s). The ability to increase the frequency now allows for targeting the nerve roots or other neural structures since the higher frequencies have reduced the electrical resistance of the skin and the body.

Eventually it may be discovered that the newer external devices can be used in a complementary manner to enhance the new genetic treatments that are becoming available. The external devices will prepare areas of pain for absorption of new gene therapies, or as appears to be happening with the interferential carryover effects, the therapy itself may be changing the underlying physical chemical structure and altering the process of pain stimulus which resolves the pain issues.The rationale for surgical intervention no longer applies since the new interferential modality overcomes the purpose of the surgical procedure.

For now though the most recent, effective, FDA approved and Medicare reimbursable pain management device is the combined tens and interferential treatment device. Tens provides sensory relief only if the interferential carryover pain relief period has not extended long enough for the patient. It appears initially a patient can self treat and the carryover pain relief period may be for short durations. Over time the carryover is extended with an eventual goal of weekly or monthly treatments.