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Author Topic: Personal Self Defense Against Manipulators  (Read 156 times)


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Personal Self Defense Against Manipulators
« on: December 10, 2018, 07:23:58 PM »
As such, I pondered to myself what a potentially dangerous The Lost Book Of Remedies Review issue this could become if left unchecked. At the outset I propped opened the vehicles hood and scrutinized all the wires and battery connections to guarantee that they were tight. No loose ends were detected. I released the cover on the fuse box and carefully pushed down on each of them to make certain that all were securely seated within their sockets. This too was completely acceptable. The following day I contacted the local GM dealer who was located about one half mile from my home and they scheduled an appointment for me first thing the following morning. They did at that time inform me that I would be responsible for one hundred dollars of the diagnostic fee when they checked the car. I was reminded that this type of repair could typically cost as much as $400 for the parts and labor. It seemed like a lot of money to merely replace the wiring connector within the light bulb of costly, I thought considering that I have a bumper to bumper and a 100 thousand mile warranty. Fortunately for me my car is still in its warranty stage if serviced by the KIA dealer. It was than that I decided to investigate the problem further on my own. I immediately "Googled" the light situation and soon discovered that I was not the first to have this paranormal experience. Other's had come before me.