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Author Topic: Loving Existence in Discomfort  (Read 27 times)


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Loving Existence in Discomfort
« on: April 16, 2019, 12:07:53 PM »
To further elucidate the critical role that pain Pain Absolve RX plays in our lives I wish to compare the human body to that of an automobile. A car possesses what is known as a "red warning light."The purpose of this light is to shine bright when there are potential troubles within the car. These issues could range from a busted radiator pipe to a broken fan belt. Upon seeing this red light, a normal person would pull over to the side of the road and see what is going on. Continuing to drive the car with this light flashing is cause for further damage to the car such as engine overheating. Many people like to ignore the check engine red light and continue driving as if nothing has happened. This is an indication that people are fully unaware of the potential dangers that lurk or that they are simply ignorant people.

Pain is your body's version of the red warning light. When you feel pain in your knees, feet, organs or wrists, it is your body telling you to discontinue use of these particular parts until you can get them repaired. What generally happens is that you visit the doctor and they prescribe you pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti inflammatories to help manage your pain. The operative word here is "manage." You don't need to manage your pain, you need to eliminate the root (or systemic) cause and heal the situation. It is utterly asinine for a health care practitioner to prescribe you a pain-killer without simultaneously repairing the injured body part or organ.

In sports, you are taught to fight through the pain for the team. When you really consider this concept you come to realize that the athlete does not benefit from continuing to play if there is pain. In the end, athletes, like normal people will wind up cutting the red light wires. What does this mean? When you continue to push through pain in a body part you will eventually wear out the joint ends of the bone, tissue or cartilage. Once you discontinue the anti inflammatories you will realize that there is no more cartilage or bone left. In the case of joints, the only option left for you will be joint replacement surgery. If you decide to ignore pain in your organs then the outcome could potentially be death.