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sugar balance cortisol. Why does this happen? Many different things trigger this release, including various forms of physical or emotional stress, a poor lifestyle, too little sleep, or illnesses and infections. Symptoms of high cortisol levels - Dr. Axe High Cortisol Levels vs. Cushing’s Disease vs. Cushing’s Syndrome: What’s the Difference? When the pituitary or adrenal glands produce abnormally high levels of cortisol for a duration of time, a doctor (perhaps a endocrinologist) may diagnose a serious, chronic disorder called Cushing’s disease. Cushing’s disease is usually caused by tumors on the adrenal or pituitary glands and often causes symptoms like rapid weight gain, a swollen face, fatigue, and water retention/swelling around the abdomen and upper back. It impacts women between the ages of 25 to 40 most often, although people of any age and gender can develop this condition. (9) Diagnosable Cushing’s disease caused by an overactive adrenal gland is considered much rarer than just having generally high cortisol