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Author Topic: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.  (Read 14490 times)


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HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« on: December 27, 2017, 12:09:26 AM »

HEROtv set to end broadcast on January 31
@Anime Pilipinas

It’s the end of an era. Sources familiar with the matter has told Anime Pilipinas that Filipino language anime channel HEROtv is set to have their final broadcast on Wednesday, January 31st, after 12 years of broadcast.

The Filipino-dubbed movie channel TAG, which was broadcasting for just over a year, is also shutting down at the end of this month.

ABS-CBN, the parent company of the two channels, decided to close them down due to lack of advertiser support.

Anime Pilipinas has tried to contact the representatives of HEROtv and ABS-CBN for comment, but no response as of press time.

HEROtv is a Filipino language anime channel of media conglomerate ABS-CBN, under its ABS-CBN Cable Channels subsidiary, which started its test broadcast in August 2005 and was officially launched on November 12, 2015.

The channel initially offered anime shows from Telesuccess Productions plus their own acquisitions, including Voltes V, Shaman King, Naruto, Mirumo de Pon!, Zenki, Ragnarok the Animation, and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED among others.

Eventually, the channel landed other landmark titles such as Yakitate! Japan, Major, Death Note, Log Horizon, The Devil is a Part-Timer, Fate/Zero, Haikyuu!!, Yowamushi Pedal, Free: Iwatobi Swim Club, Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma and Love Live! School idol project.

This year, notable titles they have aired include Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation, KonoSuba, The Asterisk War, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless, Love Live! The School Idol Movie, Love Live! Sunshine!!, and AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

HEROtv also organized events that became fixtures on the Japanese pop-culture scene in the country, like “Hataw Hanep Hero” in 2005-2007, then “HERO Face Off: The Ultimate Cosplay Battle” in 2010-2015.

Meanwhile, TAG is a movie channel that started broadcasting on October 19, 2016, airing Hollywood and Asian movies dubbed in Filipino.

The channel was slated to air the highly-popular anime movies Your Name. and A Silent Voice.

It is not yet clear where these two movies will air after TAG’s closure, but Anime Pilipinas understands that ABS-CBN may first air them on their “Kapamilya Blockbusters” movie block.


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2017, 12:27:18 AM »

@animePHproject (twitter)
CONFIRMED: Skycable has confirmed that Filipino-dubbed anime channel @myHEROnation (HERO TV) will stop airing on January 31, 2018 #HeroTV #MyHeroNation


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2017, 01:45:54 AM »
IMO. I'm sure all the bashers, detractors and haters are happy and celebrating right now since all the Advertisers and the Management are very successful in fully prioritizing those boring Koreanovelas. Seriously, MALAKING KAWALAN ang Hero TV, promise, and I considered this bad news as ABS-CBN's Saddest and Worst Christmas & New Year's Gift to all the Japanese Anime viewers and fans. After the "permanent deaths" of TEAM ANIMAZING Morning Block (sa Dos) and HERO TV (sa Cable) well I wouldn't be surprised if YEY! Channel (sa TV Plus) will be shutting down too (in the next decade or far future) since ABS will focus too much on KDramas/Asianovelas.

R.I.P. HERO TV (2005-2018)


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #3 on: January 05, 2018, 03:01:28 PM »
Просадив деньжонки в дежурный МММ-пирамиде, романтик без остатка отпялил целительницу раскочегаренным болтом в шоколадный буркала
мы ей врали что я работаю,нашла себе хорошего парня..да и эта беременность..о последствиях наших оргий мы неподумали..два дня осталось наслаждений..мы неистово занимались сексом повсякому и везде..при дежурный ласке сисек у меня вытекло молоко.он нажал для сосок опять вытекло..на его удивленный взгляд я молча кивнула..
Товарищ повернулась на край и взяла в рыло огромный накаленный ствол и начала заглатывать на всю длину, потом, вынимая и облизывая головку, после, беря в ротик на половину, исполнять вращательные движения язычком. Сашка «улетал». Лариска села, и со страстью впилась в губы брата, продолжая одной рукой ласкать свою пещерку. Сашка схватился ради груди сестры и «выстрелил» в рот Ленки порцию горячей белой жидкости.


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2018, 06:24:20 AM »

ABS-CBN Regional Channel and Hero TV Cease Broadcast

Due to a change in business direction, Creative Programs, Inc. will cease airing of the following channels on the specified dates below.

ABS-CBN Regional Channel – January 15, 2018
Ch 4 digital
For shows on new sights, sounds and scenes, watch TLC ch 62.

HERO TV – January 31, 2018
Ch 44 digital
You may still catch exciting Anime action on Animax
, available on Select. Click here to subscribe.


Why can’t I watch these channels anymore?
Due to a change in business direction, Creative Programs, Inc. will cease the broadcast of these channels. Thank you for your understanding.

Will there be replacements for these channels in my basic or pack channel line-up?
Please be assured that we are engaging more channel partners to add more compelling content on our platform to give our subscribers the best TV-viewing experience.


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #5 on: January 20, 2018, 06:27:49 AM »

Hero TV, TAG Philippine Channels to Cease Broadcast
@Anime News Network

Sky Cable confirmed HERO TV to cease broadcast on January 31

Philippine cable provider Sky Cable confirmed with ANN that Philippine anime television channel HERO TV will cease broadcast on January 31. Sister channel TAG will also cease broadcast. As of press time, HERO TV and TAG have not responded to requests for comment by ANN. Recently in December, the channel aired the anohana anime, and aired other recent anime in 2017.

Media conglomerate ABS-CBN launched HERO TV in 2005. The channel airs Filipino-dubbed anime. The channel initially re-aired classic anime with Filipino dubs that ABS-CBN had already licensed, such as Voltes V, Naruto, Shaman King, and others. It then moved to licensing anime on its own, and in the past years, has been airing Filipino dubs of anime that aired only three or four seasons previous.

ABS-CBN launched TAG in October 2016. The channel airs Filipino-dubbed Hollywood and Asian films, including anime films and adaptations of manga. The channel had previously revealed that it will air the your name. and A Silent Voice anime films, but they have not yet aired in the channel.


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #6 on: January 20, 2018, 07:04:22 AM »
Paolo M.‏ @PaoloBozu (twitter)
9:13 PM - 22 Dec 2017
Goodbye @myHEROnation and with that #YeY channel of @ABSCBN is the only one where to watch anime shows unless, channel 2 decides to revive #TeamAnimazing


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #7 on: January 20, 2018, 07:20:11 AM »

A Sad Farewell to Hero TV

Although you can see posts of Animax in this blog it is with great pride that I would tell all of you that in my heart I love both of them.  Animax provides Anime shows in its Japanese sub format while Hero TV provides a version which is closer to our hearts - Tagalized anime.  It brought anime closer to everyone specially the masses.  I would say IF NOT FOR HERO TV ANIME AND COSPLAY WILL NOT BE LIKE WHAT IT IS TODAY.

It is a Sad Month for Anime

January 2018 will be remembered as a sad month for anime.  I never thought that I would see Hero TV suddenly end its broadcast like this.  This channel is the only channel which gives the chance to Filipino dubbers/voice actors.

Many Filipinos with the help of the likes of Voice Master Pocholo Gonzales realized their long time dream of voicing the character of their beloved anime.  If not for Hero TV we could not have understand more what each anime felt like as if they were one of us - Filipinos.

This January 31, 2018, after 12 years of airing on Cable TV - HERO TV will finally sign off. (The following photos are grabbed from AnimePH Facebook page)

Is this really the end of Hero TV and Tagalized Anime?
We would like to think that it is not.  ABS-CBN is probably streamlining its channel.  If you do not know yet there is a channel called Yey! This channel is the digital TV counterpart of Hero TV.

Yey!  also airs Japanese anime series and in addition also airs foreign cartoon shows most of them are Tagalized or Filipino-duubed.  Will this only be a moved to removed redundant channel and eventually make anime more available to everyone through the ABS-CBN TV Plus?

Animes that are already being aired on Yey! includes the following:
Samurai X
Metal Fight Beyblade: Zero G
Naruto Shippuden
Power Rangers RPM
Halser Acre
Umaru Chan

Coming in 2018 are the following titles:
My Hero Academia (February 2018)

So is it the end of Filipino-dubbed anime and Hero TV?
The answer maybe NO because there is still Yey!  Hero TV is being laid to rest perhaps due to the redundancy of channels but between Yey! and Hero TV, I would choose the latter because BIDA KA RITO.

Editors's Note
I would like to personally thank Hero TV for all the support that they had given to our event.  Even though our events are just small and not as big they are very willing to support it and even give airtime on their channel.

The interviews I had with Hero TV will be treasured forever.

I will miss you Hero TV!  Arigatou! Sayonara!


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #8 on: January 20, 2018, 07:31:32 AM »
I considered this as ABS-CBN's Worst Management Decision ever for permanently shutting down the first Filipino-dubbed Anime channel, because all this time mas nakikinig sila sa mga witty and mean criticism ng mga bashers at haters. Business, social media detractors, advertising, and more. Iisa lang naman ang Puno't Dulo ng Lahat kung bakit mawawala na ang mga Tagalized Animes dito sa Pinas in the future: kasalanan lahat ng Koreanovelas at mga Tagalized KDramas.

Booo Koreanovelas! Booooo!


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #9 on: January 20, 2018, 11:48:42 AM »
HERO TV Farewell Video: https://www.facebook.com/myheronation/videos/10155953335362429/
Maraming salamat sa inyong suporta mga ka-Hero. Salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng aming channel sa loob ng maraming taon. Paalam. #FarewellHERO


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #10 on: January 21, 2018, 03:13:06 PM »
Meanwhile, from "Red Mendoza's The Notebook".

Blame yourselves for this.
Friday, December 22, 2017

If there is anyone who could be blamed for HERO TV yanking off the air on the end of January, It could be us.

Yes, I, you, we, all of us share in this fiasco.

Do not blame ABS-CBN, they only did their job for the sake of the “fiduciary responsibility” to their shareholders. Do not blame Hero TV management, as they have done so many times to convince you to watch Hero TV but what did you do? You instead watched on pirate sites and denigrated the Filipino dubbers who worked tirelessly to bring Anime into our local lingua franca.

People should realize that ABS-CBN is not a public broadcaster like the BBC, ABC TV, or NHK, rather it is a commercial multimedia company. It is only answerable to the shareholders who want more value to their much-loved ABS-CBN stock. Imagine the damage to stockholders like Noli De Castro, Vic Sotto, Kris Aquino and the others if they see channels like Hero bleed red.

You anime fans do not own the company, they do, and you have no right to tell them to keep the network on the air.
ABS-CBN had already tried as hell to convince you to watch Hero TV, but what did you do? Nothing. You never really supported the channel in the first place, and instead of supporting the channel and its events, you tried to pull them down.

I myself am going to blame myself for what has happened to Hero, but my excuse is this, the network did not anticipate the rise of online streaming and mobile technology. If only ABS-CBN allowed Hero to acquire online streaming rights to the anime shows they air and use IWant TV as that platform, then there won’t be any problems on Filipino-dubbed anime exposure.

When I was still a young idealistic teenager, I too have had high hopes for the channel, but as I worked and learned about the big, bad world of Philippine Media, I have tempered my expectations. I will also admit that the Hero TV i saw in 2005 is not the Hero TV I am seeing now,

So, what will ABS-CBN do with all those material collected by Hero TV over the past 12 years?, maybe they will burn them outside the ABS-CBN Center Road in a ceremony that will be presided by Gabby Lopez, Charo Santos, and Carlo Katigbak and all Hero fans, with a message by Gabby telling everyone “Hero was a wasteful part of our business, it is right that we burn these tapes so that everyone will remember we made a stupid gamble in a market that is invisible”.

No otaku will admit that Hero was a failure, or even a waste, but for the bean counters in the network, the numbers will never lie. To save cash, Hero has to shut down, and we don’t fucking care about anime fans crying a river outside the ELJ Building or making candlelight vigils.

We are all to be blame in Hero’s closure, We have to accept it.


NOTE: Isa itong patama sa lahat ng mga Pilipinong Koreanovela/Asianovela Viewers at ibang Anime fans (even the Netizens) na palaging nilalait at hinuhusgahan ang mga Tagalized Japanese Animes (dubbed by Filipino Voice Actors/Actresses) sa maraming taon.


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #11 on: January 30, 2018, 10:43:27 PM »
@Hero TV FB

Mga ka-Hero, join us tomorrow, Wednesday, via Facebook Live as we say goodbye to all of you! Catch us at 10PM and tell us your farewell messages. You can also catch us via YouTube and Twitter live. Kita kits mga ka-Hero! #FarewellHERO

Like and follow our social media pages for more updates:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myheronation/
Instagram: @herotvofficial
Twitter: myHEROnation
YouTube: Hero TV Official


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #12 on: February 14, 2018, 04:13:46 PM »

New HERO TV no longer airs anime

In a statement released on Thursday, a day after its comeback online, HERO has announced that they will no longer air anime titles anymore.

The former channel will instead focus on producing anime, pop culture and gaming contents through its digital platforms which includes their website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

HERO’s social media accounts have released a series of posts hinting its revival.

Here is their statement after the jump.

Many anime fans have been hoping for the return of HERO after the channel bid goodbye last January 31. Fans were puzzled as to what is next for the anime authority as it started posting hints of its comeback online a few days ago.

With the proliferation of social media and the continuous evolution of the digital space, these trends presented opportunities for different institutions to easily reach individuals around the world. HERO has recognized the power of digital media in its continuous pursuit to deliver contents for anime and pop culture enthusiasts; hence, it embarked a new journey as a digital hub.

The new HERO format will produce anime, pop culture and gaming contents through its various digital platforms. HERO will utilize its website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages to deliver the freshest news and updates for its avid followers. Despite its departure from television, HERO will still be able to deliver stories that fans would love through the digital space. Note that HERO will not be airing anime titles anymore.

HERO has currently 301,975 likes on Facebook, 5,445 followers on Twitter and 3,857 followers on Instagram as of this writing. HERO promises to deliver top quality contents for its avid followers and become the ultimate go-to for anything anime, pop culture and gaming-related articles and videos. HERO looks forward to increasing its followers over time to cater to more people online.

As HERO embarks a fresh journey, we hope that you fans will support us in this new direction. As we move forward, we hope you will help us propel to greater heights.

This is HERO, now on digital.


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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #13 on: February 14, 2018, 10:43:08 PM »
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Re: HERO TV to stop broadcasting on January 31, 2018 after 12 years.
« Reply #14 on: February 25, 2018, 09:34:40 AM »
Last nyo na yan Kamorkassa and Spambots Group, last nyo na yan! >:(