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Author Topic: Pure Laugh: Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan  (Read 24343 times)


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Pure Laugh: Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan
« on: September 06, 2014, 10:29:56 PM »
Are you in love with the the hit romantic drama koreanovela 'Pure Love"?

Pure Love has full of kilig moments, taking us back from the first time we fall in love. The also touching  love of parent- daughter relationship. Pure Love is a unique combination of kilig, betrayals and fantasy. But wait, those cute and adorable scenes. Do you know how it was done? How Alex Gonzaga practices her lines. As a comedian can she really do drama? And the newcomer Yen Santos and the whole cast? are they always serious during the taping as what we see in our television screen? In Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan entitled Pure Laugh, he will show us the bloopers while they are taping the hit koreanovela base kilig teleserye.

pure laugh
    snapshot scene of pure laugh, pure love by marc logan

In Mga kwento ni Marc Logan, the Pure Laugh episode, he will really make us laugh on the bloopers behind the taping of Pure Love. It show us how Alex Gonzaga's monologue in silence  during her practice of the script not minding other people in the set. How she uses props to mimic other characters in the said teleserye. And also other funny moments of other casts in pure love.
Here is the video of Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan's Pure Laugh that truly will make us laugh:


Did the blooper make you laugh?  It takes us to the next level, the comedy level. But as for Alex Gonzaga, the sister of Toni Gonzaga, it seems just normal to her doing comedy acts, doing punchlines. Toni has said " Alex's mouth has no class, it is uncontrollable, walanghiya ang bibig nyan".
Here is another video of Mga  Kwento ni Marc Logan of Pure Love trailer  which was aired in TV Patrol, before the premier of Pure Love on TV. Let's see  Alex Gonzaga's funny moments.


Did you enjoy this episode of Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan which was titled Pure Laugh? Watch more on Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan every Saturdays and Sundays 5:30pm-6:00 pm on ABS CBN Network .

Article Link: http://www.philtv.ph/pure-laugh-mga-kwento-ni-march-logan/
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