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Author Topic: Pyrex Sex Toys—The Pinnacle of Glass Sex Toys  (Read 13699 times)


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Pyrex Sex Toys—The Pinnacle of Glass Sex Toys
« on: September 19, 2018, 09:34:41 PM »

If you thought that Pyrex glassware was only good for quality cookware, think again. Pyrex glass anal sex toys are as good as glass sex toys get. Pyrex sex toys are fabricated from  Pyrex , the high quality glass introduced by  Corning  and utilized in laboratory grade instruments and precision optics. Pyrex glass sex toys are also annealed in the fabrication process, meaning that the strength and durability of the  Pyrex glass  is augmented during manufacture. If you haven’t yet discovered the sensual thrill of  Pyrex sex toys , you’ll be amazed at the comfort and thrilling sensation that a  Pyrex dildo  provides.
Pyrex glass anal toys come in all varieties of form and function. Need a  Pyrex glass dildo  that’s perfect for reaching the  g-spot  or  p-spot ? They’re available. Butt plugs and dildos in all shapes and sizes, with any tactile enhancement a sex toy aficionado could desire are all yours for the having. Anal enthusiasts will find that Pyrex sex toys are much more comfortable to insert than jelly rubber or silicone-based anal toys (though it’s still important to always use lube), and Pyrex double dongs are great toys for those users who like to share their enthusiasm for Pyrex sex toys with their partners.
We’re taught from an early age that sharing is a good thing, but with sex toys made from CyberSkin or other synthetic materials, that’s not often the case. They’re difficult to get fully clean and hygienic due to the porous material they’re crafted from. Pyrex sex toys are a different proposition altogether. With warm water and disinfectant soap, your Pyrex dildo will be clean and hygienic after use, with no muss and no fuss. Pyrex’ smooth, non-porous surface ensures that bacteria can’t become trapped in your Pyrex glass sex toys, making them ideal to share with friends who want to discover the joys of Pyrex sex toys.

One notable difference in Pyrex sex toys from other types of glass sex toys is that you don’t have the range of colors to choose from—pure Pyrex glass anal sex toys are always translucent. The reason for this is that colors in glass sex toys come from additives that will alter the glass compound, rendering them somewhat weaker and less durable than Pyrex sex toys. Still, when considering purchase of Pyrex glass sex toys, bear in mind that if a product is marketed as Pyrex but isn’t clear glass, then impurities have been introduced into the Pyrex dildo. Such toys are perfectly fine for sensual use, though. There’s no danger of breakage or chipping during normal use—it’s just an issue of whether having purely Pyrex glass sex toys holds any snob appeal to you. Of course, you could always split the difference and supply your erotic arsenal with a variety of glass sex toys.
Still, there’s no denying the aesthetic appeal of the colored Pyrex hybrids. These Pyrex glass anal sex toys can be fashioned in any shape or size and the range of colors that your Pyrex dildo can have is limitless. If you want your Pyrex sex toys to glow in the dark, there are plenty of marvelous Pyrex glass sex toys that do just that.
Pyrex glass sex toys have become popular with anal toy fans for good reason. Pyrex sex toys are attractive, durable, and exceedingly comfortable to use for anal play. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the sensual rush of a Pyrex dildo, there’s no time like the present.