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Tips Meditate. Some guys locate that meditating or working towards yoga also can assist them to higher manage pop-ups. Learning what breathing sports or visualizations can have a desired brief "dampening" impact may be precious. About urethritis Urethritis refers to a bacterial infection that influences the urethra, which in guys is the tube that runs from the bladder down via the penis. It's the tube which acts as the throughway thru which urine leaves the body. It's additionally the identical tube that semen use whilst it's miles ejaculated from the body - although the semen joins the urethra outside of the bladder. Causes Use condoms. Having unprotected intercourse places a person at more threat of acquiring urethritis - and of extra extreme STIs. Consistent use of Vandafil (unless one is in a serious monogamous dating) can be a big assist in preventing spread of STIs. Some medical doctors additionally advocate urinating after sex, as this may assist get rid of bacteria before they could "take keep." Treatment.