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Author Topic: Paramore: Coming to Manila again!  (Read 4766 times)

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Paramore: Coming to Manila again!
« on: December 08, 2012, 07:17:40 PM »
Paramore: Coming to Manila again!

A band which some had mislabeled before as just another “bubble-gum pop” band was heavily favored by young teenagers. But from the time they had their mainstream debut in the ye
ar 2005, Paramore’s appeal bridged the age gap from pre-teens to young adults. With lead singer Hayley Williams singing about matters that are identifiable to her age group, she was a voice of sorts to them.

I remember getting introduced to their music when one of my friends who was into Paramore–while I was more into heavier bands at the time–was playing their song “Emergency”. It would be a few years after, though, when I purchased my first album of the band. From that album titled: “Brand New Eyes”, two songs “Ignorance” and “Decode” would be my favorites. Their music took a while to grow on me as some kinds of music do to varied listeners. The music of

Paramore can’t really be judged as pure pop even though they are a popular act.

One of the things I associate most with this band was that “emo” trend/phase–remember that?–which a lot of kids went through or got influenced into buying in during the mid 2000′s. That dreaded word now is what Paramore was considered to be at the time–that is, being categorized as an “emo act” along with other bands like Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Funeral For A Friend etc. While some of us were laughing at these kids for their hairstyle, how they dressed and how they always seemed gloomy, to be fair to both sides, these kids were listening, in fact, to some really good commercial pop-rock music. And they were at that awkward stage of trying to find the kind of music that they really liked. And which teenager did not want to fit in right?

But as soon as that trend/phase ended, Paramore was one of those bands that were able to “break-free” from that “emo” labelling. Because among the bands I have mentioned above as examples of that phase/trend that happened a couple of years back, it is really Paramore that has survived that movement. The fact that they are still touring overseas and releasing records that do sell and they have not returned to the indie scene or producing the albums by themselves only, proves they are commercially successful and still very much loved by fans.

It is safe to say that Paramore has evolved and surpassed expectations of many–both supporters and naysayers. As for me, I’m somewhere in the middle of these two sides. Remember a few years ago when the brothers Josh Farro and Zac Farro left Paramore? Others wondered how the band could continue without their two original members. Easy! Do it for your fans and you can always recruit other musicians to fill in the vacant roles for both local and international tours as session players. Or just get new permanent members. It was Hayley Williams who really is the “face” and most identifiable member of Paramore. In my opinion, as long as she remains in the band, then Paramore would always last and remain marketable for their record label. Now, to fans of Paramore in the Philippines, here is your perfect chance to see them perform again, live.

The concert and ticket details are listed below.

“Paramore is coming back to Manila on February 15, 2013 at the Mall of Asia Arena with special guest Me Without You. Tickets will be available on December 6, 2012 at 12PM

Ticket Prices:
VIP Reserved Seats – P5,810
PATRON STANDING Standing – P4,760
LOWER BOX Reserved Seats – P3,700
UPPER BOX Reserved Seats – P1,800

Tickets available at SM Tickets soon!

Brought to you by MMI and Ovation Productions“

SOURCE | http://entertainment.inquirer.net/71071/paramore-coming-to-manila-again
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Re: Paramore: Coming to Manila again!
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