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Author Topic: viCE... maUNTOG KA NGA!  (Read 6910 times)


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« on: July 07, 2013, 05:18:43 PM »
“An Afterthought of Vice Ganda’s so Called Concert”
A fan I am.. with so many nights watching the Gandang Gabi Vice Show on channel 2 ABS CBN.. what with  so much promotion of ratings .. I was one of those (victims?) who patronized the show religiously.
And I’m glued. The humor tickles me, specially when Vice made a privy celebrity get out of his/her shell and showed at last his/her hidden insanity.
So much ‘aliw’ factor to see those celebrities with so much glamour and dignity—showing their ‘tao’ qualities.
IT’s a pity then that when the big concert came. I failed to watch it. Feels like, “poor me.. I’m not in”. Feels like I’m no longer whole.. to appease myself. I promised within “NEXT TIME. I wont let pass the next concert” .
After four days.. “The Jessica Soho bruhahaha” was in the newspapers, radio programs and TV shows. Then came Vice Ganda’s public apology and the respond of the popular newscaster about it. You see, I’m bias. I’m a channel 2 addict. It’s channel 2 or no TV at all. I’m quite irritated with those who lambasted my ever beloved Vice Ganda. Look at this fat popular reporter who cant accept a joke. She’s fat.. she should accept it. Oh my! She IS! What’s the BIG DEAL?
She, together with her colleagues in channel & cant accept a JOKE. Oh well! It’s just a battle of network!
You see, I’m also FAT. I wear shorts and even blouses that showed my flesh and my BILBIL all over. And I don’t give big damn shit about how people around me would take it!
My daughter, knowing how much I Idolized Vice Ganda and channel 2, told me she will download the controversial concert so we can watch it together. Imagine the excitement I felt. I made myself ready and prepared a snack. Oh Wow! Here at last! The Vice Concert!
Now, here’s my assessment .. my opinion.. my feelings..
Maybe you’d say.. “WHO CARES?”
I just want to voice it out. (well.. post it :P). Eh di, ‘wag niyong basahin!
The show started and I laughed at the first 3 statement of Vice.. he said “I Vice Ganda turned into verb—meaning to give happiness. Gusto ko kayong pasayahin pero siyempre may pera dito. Ano ‘to lokohan? Walang pera? Phack you!” and I laughed my heart out. So real! And it tickled…
The show went on..
I’m stuck .. the smile on my smile slowly.. fade… fade… fade… and then suddenly I became deaf. I asked my daughter, “What’s that? I didn’t hear… (my ears bleed)”
“Igiling-giling… 3x hangang ang pepe mo ay mamaga”
Vice went down the stage trying to get Jed Madela and Zsa-Zsa Padilla to sing it. Karylle and Ann Curtis obliged. I saw Miss Charo Santos (a higher up of channel 2.. laughing like she’s in heaven, heard the heavenliest JOKE ever)
I became numb as if I forgot to drink my Vitamin B. Why on earth did my body feel so numb?
I was embarrassed at the presence of my daughter beside me.
What was she thinking at that moment? And she blurted out “Ang baboy naman.. kadiri..!”
I couldn’t believe seeing Charo Santos of MMK-Ceo of Channel 2 could laugh at that joke. Isnt it that on her famous drama MMK—she always fight for women’s rights, against poverty, against corruption and for REAL love? Where are those huh? WHERE?
Hoy lahat kayong babae na tumawa sa joke na iyon.. binaboy niyo ang pepe niyo..
And sad to say Ms. Charo Santos and the other big personalities joined that kababuyan.
All the jokes of Vice Ganda surprised me to no end. He used the word “gospel” and even made use of the mircrophone as if blessing the audience with holy water acting like a priest. When it was Ai-ai’s turn, Vice called Paulo Avelino to join them. There was a part there where Ai-ai opened her legs wide.. (WIDE) and told Paulo “O ayan.. kainin mo na”
Bwaaa…. Nauseated  I am. I felt like vomiting while the audience laughed so hard.
Sex? Sex is so SARAP. I’m no hyporice to say it’s not. But the way Vice Ganda presented it, it’s TRASH.
He said it. He needs money para may makain ang ‘ano’ niya. Can we conclude now that the audience who went to that concert and paid for the ticket were aware or unaware that their money will be used for Vice Ganda’s maniac ways?
At first, I’m laughing.. little did I know that I’ll end up crying. So sad,  is  this HUMOR now? Is this the way how Filipinos can temporarily escape the injustices, the poverty, the corruption, and the abuse?
I guess it’s about time for us to stop .. pause and think what is the difference between animals and us human beings.
To see animals on the road doing sex.. It’s but natural but for us human beings? Think about it! What Vice Ganda did in his famous SHIT concert is pornography to the max. Would the gays and lesbians nod to this kind of comedy?
PArang mga bata sa daan teasing each other “TAE TAE”. Is it funny?
I usually frown at CBCP’s moralists and the traditional group on their opinions about homosexuals and sex. Makitid. I don’t look down on the homosexuals nor ostracize them at all. I have high regards on homosexuals who are most often than not talented, gifted and creative in their chosen field.
But this one? This controversial concert of Vice… made me more realize how our society stink!
IT’s a mud society!
Laughing on these kind of jokes?
I wonder where do we go from here? Where to?
Came the part of the controversial Jessica Soho’s Joke.. LECHON? BABOY?  Now tell me who’s the real baboy in that concert! It’s not Jessica!
When I see Vice Ganda now, he’s nothing but a life size penis.. no brains.. no spirituality .. no empathy.. only urge and being horny. That’s the only goal and purpose he has! Why don’t we all laugh and show Vice Ganda that the joke is on him ahahahaha
After all thse I still have high hopes in Filipino Audience. I believe that we’re not stupid to give our hard earned money to these kinds of concerts.
Yes we need to laugh .. neet to escape the hard reality of life. We need a break!
OH God.. Thanks! It’s a big relieve~watching BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEART/
By the way, I’m switching channel’s now.


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Re: viCE... maUNTOG KA NGA!
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Sobrang haba. Pass ako  :P