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Title: Angel Aquino (OT)
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Talk all you want about Angel here.
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Title: Re: Angel Aquino (OT)
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Title: Re: Angel Aquino (OT)
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    September 24, 2013 3:19 pm

Bea Alonzo episode 1

After translating two of its most enduring drama and comedy programs for the enjoyment of its non-Filipino speaking viewers worldwide, the premier Filipino network in the world, The Filipino Channel (TFC) now brings the subtitled version of one of the most iconic series on Philippine television, “Magkaribal.”  In its continued thrust to deliver the best of Philippine content to the widest audience, “TFC Subtitled Classics” premieres “Magkaribal” top-billed by two equally notable actresses – blockbuster actress Bea Alonzo and award-winning actress Gretchen Barretto, on September 29 (September 28 in the Middle East) worldwide.

According to Global Content Management and Operations Group Head for ABS-CBN Global Ltd. Ned Legaspi, “When we launched TFC’s sub-titled series, “MMK Classics” was the perfect choice because it tells of the stories of overseas Filipinos (OFs) whom we want to reach with this kind of content.  In our second offering, we thought it fitting to make a follow-through with another program that resonated well with OFs – ‘Be Careful With My Heart.’  Now as we go into our third offering, we chose “Magkaribal” because like “TFC’s Sub-titled Classics,” the show truly made a mark not just for Filipinos in the Philippines but also for critics overseas.

In the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards in 2011, “Magkaribal” clinched a finalist slot in the Best Telenovela category.  In the Gawad Tanglaw Awards, the series won in the Best Drama category during the same year.  On top of the recognition the show received, the characters’ tongue-in-cheek verbal exchanges were widely discussed and shared in social media during its first run.

Kathryn Bernardo episode 1

“Magkaribal’s” subtitled version’s opening salvo unfolds with the story of Ana (played by Kathryn Bernardo and eventually by Barretto) and Angela (played by Barbie Sabino and eventually by Alonzo), sisters who are woven together not only by birth right but also by their mother’s (Dimples Romana) skill in sewing.

Bea Alonzo week 3

The sisters and their mother are left by their father Manuel (James Blanco) to seek a better life overseas only for them to find out that he has acquired a mistress, a model named Vera (Alessandra de Rossi), in Rome.  In a tragic turn of events, their mother dies after a confrontation with Vera.

Left orphaned by a mother who died and by a father who left them for another woman, Ana and Angela lead their lives on their own until social workers try to bring them under their care.  They run off to the city where Angela falls ill and Ana resorts to desperate measures to save her sister’s life. The two are separated when a fire ensues at the hospital. Believing that her sister died from the fire, Ana’s desire to take revenge on Vera ignites.

Gretchen week2

She gets the attention of a gay benefactor (Allan Paule) who renames her as Victoria Valera.  Meantime, Angela finds herself in the clutches of a criminal syndicate until a kind man named Hermes (John Arcilla) takes her in.  The first episode ends with Angela (now called Gelay) living in the streets of Divisoria as a budding seamstress, hopeful of becoming part of Vera Couture.

As the Vera-headed Fashion Designers’ Guild of the Philippines’ (FDGP) new billboard is unveiled, Gelay’s dream to become a designer comes to fruition as she becomes part of Vera couture on the second week of “Magkaribal’s” subtitled version on October 6 (October 5 in the Middle East).  Like a fish out of water, Gelay struggles to fit into the high-end world of fashion.  Despite her stature as a newbie designer, Gelay’s creation gets chosen for a fashion show, Tug-of-War’s, finale.  Meantime, the war rages for Victoria and Vera, seemingly becoming the worst rivals in the industry as the fashion show draws near.  Vera, in a desperate attempt to unseat Victoria, taps her employee to spy on her rival and gets wind of her affair with Louie (Derek Ramsey), a struggling boxer.

Angel Aquino week2

The excitement reaches high levels as Louie accepts Vera’s deceptive suggestion to offer Victoria a rose on fashion night which embarrasses Victoria.  In this third episode airing October 13 (October 12 in the Middle East), Gelay, like her fashion creation, gets thrown into the spotlight as the model tasked to wear her finale piece fails to show up.  However, Gelay also fails to finish the walk and gets fired by Vera.  Manuel comes to her defense, not knowing that the junior designer is, in fact, his estranged daughter.

Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsey week4

In the October 20 (October 19 in the Middle East) episode, Louie and Gelay are forced into a situation and develop a budding friendship.  Gelay successfully encourages Louie, already dissuaded to continue his career, to pursue a boxing match.  Chloe, Vera’s daughter played by Erich Gonzales talks to her mother because of the undue pressure she is receiving as the fashion icon’s daughter which drove her to steal Gelay’s designs in the past.

Erich Gonzales week 3

The competition between Vera and Victoria and between Gelay and Chloe heats up as the quest for revenge intensifies and the stories intertwine on TFC’s third subtitled series -  “Magkaribal.”  Witness the episodes unfold online, anytime on TFC’s official service – TFC.tv starting September 28 (September 29 in the Middle East).  Connect with fellow Kapamilyas worldwide on www.facebook.com/KapamilyaTFC
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Glorious soon on iwant.
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Fifty is the new twenty.

GLORIOUS starring Angel Aquino and Tony Labrusca, streaming soon on iWant