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Author Topic: Suggestion on sagip kapamilya donations  (Read 26640 times)


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Suggestion on sagip kapamilya donations
« on: January 07, 2014, 03:23:28 AM »
I am loyal fan of ABS-CBN. I don't watch other channels because i admire all your talents and programs. I also support your campaigns esp this operation sagip kapamilya for yolanda victims.
I am happy and satisfied with how you managed all donations and how it reaches these victims.
Last time i watch the news update that you have already donated boat for fishermen and rebuilding schools. Really proud to be a filipino.
But there is just one input i would like to share.  That is, i don't agree with the abs-cbn logo you put in every donations you provide.  I still feel and want to believe that these are from all filipinos and supporters who have shared what they have. Unless, these came from ABS-CBN pocket. Then you have all the right to put in your logo.
But if these are from the donations, i suggest and feel more appropriate to use the "tulong na... Tabang na...." Logo.  And let our kapamilya victims to always remember that these are from all people who are in one way or another truly empathize and love them.  A lot of people hated Binay for he did. Taking advantage of the situation to uplift his name. I just don't want you to experience the same.
Let's give credit where credit is due.
Thank you to bandila team.... And more power.