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Author Topic: Welcome to eBluejay, your free online marketplace.  (Read 3643 times)


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Welcome to eBluejay, your free online marketplace.
« on: August 14, 2018, 02:15:24 PM »
We launched blujay.com in 2005 with the goal of allowing sellers to keep as much of their hard earned money as possible by not charging any final value fees. While other websites "tax" your profits through final value fees, listing fees, extra feature fees or monthly fees, we do the opposite. Our goal is for you to keep what the others want to take.
With eBluejay.com we are launching the 2nd generation Free marketplace while maintaining the original advertising model. The partial list of new features:

•   Easily import and manage items in your store, Bulk Load items with pictures
•   Accept payments via PayPal and Stripe (Credit Cards)
•   Sell Digital Goods with delivery by download
•   Shipping calculators for USPS, Fedex & UPS
•   Customize your store's categories, images, and store policies
•   Decorate your listings with HTML or use templates to help layout your items
•   Integrated marketing tools to help sell your items
•   Customer management tools
•   One time $10 sign up used for verifying seller account information
•   No Final Value Fees, No Listing Fees, No Other Fees whatsoever, Forever!
Do not hesitate to email us or call for further information please contact at any time contact:[email protected] |Whatsapp: +44 (753) 718 2633 |website.... https://ebluejay.com